Australian & Australian-owned e-bookstores


Based in Wagga Wagga but spanning the globe in outlook. Owner "Bobby" Graham is a venturesome cybergal with a great boutique site that offers both local Aussie & some internationally flavoured content. Books may be available in MS Reader, Palm or PDF formats, & are delivered by email as attached files. You can also buy physical print versions, but the electronic varieties are much cheaper.
This is a truly global e-bookstore, but the brainchild & business of Perth man & unrepentant Aussie Stephen Cole. The site was launched in September 2000, & has been very successful for Stephen. Books are in Adobe PDF & MS Reader formats, with many also for Palm devices, & Mobipocket on the way.

Jacobyte Books
Site based in Adelaide, SA. Many Australian and some international authors are represented here. Twenty genres are offered - mainstream fiction plus most standard reader areas of interest. Their books are in HTML* & PDF formats, plus POD (print on demand) paperback. Jacobyte merged with BeWrite Books on 30 June 2005, so their titles may soon be appearing with wider international distribution under a global BeWrite Books imprint.
*They explain how you can convert HMTL for use with the (Franklin) eBookman & the Rocketbook.

Mountain Mist Productions
Topics include Australian Mystery, Romance, General Interest, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, Books for Writers & Poetry. Their e-book format is PDF, or you can buy a POD paperback. Mountain Mist also offers a blog (weblog) for those who wish to read or participate in the Web blogging craze. (Previously

Poseidon Books (formerly Ebookland)
A site for both readers to buy & writers to become published. Genres are General Fiction, Non Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction/ Fantasy, Poetry, Self-Help, Children's, Religion,Young Adult, Astrology, New Age,Cartoons, International, & Drama. No e-books remain now from their former identity, just Print On Demand (POD) physical books, but they DO offer a free online first chapter, for you to read & decide whether you want to purchase the whole item. Their parent company Zeus-Publications only sells physical paperbacks produced in the traditional print-run manner, but is an interesting site well worth a booklover's browse.

Writers Exchange E-Publishing Australia
Fiction, e.g.. Action, Romance, Fantasy, Children's, Sci Fi, Mystery, Westerns & Humour. Plus nonfiction such as Parenting, Christian, Self Help, & Writing titles. Formats offered include PDF (Adobe Reader), PDB (Palm =eReader), RTF, HTML (web browser), LIT (Microsoft Reader), PRC (Unencrypted Mobipocket).




Australian eBook Library This e-book lending library from the einfosolutions company offers a free trial of their non-copyright titles to begin with. After that you pay an annual fee to access their full collection (institutional subscriptions are also available). Three loans at a time are available for 3-21 day periods. Requires installing the Mobipocket reader first.



Aboriginality A number of e-titles by acclaimed Aboriginal author Bill Rosser can be found at Booklocker. In PDF.

Art Media Alan Clay's lively site offers some e-books & a range of pages concerning the contemporary Australian and New Zealand Literary & Performing Arts scene.

Delphient Ebooks  "How To " Internet books. A trial portion of each book may be downloaded free.
NB: Be aware that "How to get rich easily on the Internet" manifestos should be treated with some caution. As the saying goes, many are called but few are chosen.

Dixon-Price Publishing Travel, boating, adventure, and self-sufficiency are their genres. In PDF for Adobe Readers & paperback. Based in Kingston, West Australia.

eKIDna Children's books. eKIDna eBooks are illustrated stories for children 4-12 years (see Children's e-books). ) The eKIDna catalogue can be accessed at:

Engineers Australia Online New site, offering the first few of an intended range of engineering e-publications. Downloadable In PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader. You can read a short summary & browse the publication's content in advance of purchase.

SAI Global (formerly Consensus Books) Publishers for Standards Australia, the national standards organization. They specialise in business and technical books and also supply all Australian, ISO and IEC Standards, available as instant PDF e-books or traditional paper copies.

The Theosophical Society maintains a wide-ranging bookshop, the Adyar, at 230 Clarence Street, St Sydney NSW, which stocks over 40,000 titles, particularly on spiritual topics. They deal mostly in print books but do have some audio titles, and also offer PDF downloads on their Booknews page.

Thylazine Publishers. A Thylacine is the scientific name for the "extinct" Tasmanian Tiger (actually a wolf-like carnivorous marsupial), a creature that true believers hope will re-emerge from the shadows. The Thylazine Foundation is an important Australian literary and creative centre, from where HTML downloads are sporadically available.


Most expensive Australian e-book on the Internet: "Cardinal Astrographs", a tome with a difference for stock market chartists with an astrological bent. It has reportedly sold in more than ten countries since its launch in June 2002, & now retails at the startling price of US$ 585.oo.