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A Centennial Commemoration

Of particular interest to Australian & New Zealand, British and Turkish readers, we present a "pictorial essay" of photographs, dramatic illustrations, maps and carefully researched text, depicting those fateful days of the Dardanelles campaign, one hundred years ago. View it here .



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Mossad in Australia? Ark of the Covenant conspiracy? Surveillance gone mad?

Readů The Lion and the Covenant

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The Lion and the Covenant


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*HTML versions of books can be read on your personal computer, laptop, netbook, iPad etc, using any web browser, or various other software if you prefer. They may also be downloaded to many handheld devices that use full or modified web browsers, e.g. various Palm OS devices, some dedicated e-readers, smartphones and others. You should follow the directions that come with your device.

*Books formatted in PDF may be read on computers equipped with the free Adobe Reader software (or older versions such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader & the Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader). There are also Adobe Reader versions available for mobile devices - different versions for Palm OS & Windows CE devices. Other softwares also exist for reading PDF files.

*Many dedicated e-reader devices will now read books prepared in the ePub format, which is increasingly common. Adobe Digital Editions software can be used to read commercial titles (books with DRM copyright protection) in this format.

*For titles presented in the Microsoft Reader format use the Microsoft Reader software.

*For Palm & Palm Doc format e-books you can use the (Palm) eReader (formerly Peanut Reader).

*Downloads that are zipped generally require use of one of a variety of unzipping softwares before reading (e.g. Winzip), or they may be "self extracting". If in doubt, click the downloaded folder & read the help notes.

Most of this software and more is available free (in at least basic versions) from download links on our Software page, where you will also find further format information and links to specialist software. The above information is a brief summary only, and just refers to some of the more common formats. Note that some de luxe reader software versions, and certain other varieties of reader software, may require purchase.



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