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Capital Letter A as Ornate Imagefrican Digital Library Addressing third world information imbalance by offering free access to anyone living in Africa, this netLibrary-supported initiative lives at:

Free Apache e-books Currently, around 55 Chiricahua & Mescalero Apache texts. You can read these online in English, Apache, or in parallel translation (for the latter two, download the Apache/Navajo font provided onsite). Some tales have intriguing titles, such as Coyote Misses Real Rabbit, The Woman Who Had Horse Power and The Foolish People Acquire Coffee.

Free Arabic e-books
UAE Yearbooks 2001-2009, in Arabic, French & English. Also, UAE at a Glance 2009 in Arabic and English, and three further books. As PDF files. These are large downloads, but beautifully presented and illustrated, in full, page-turning format.

Arabian Poetry Encyclopedia Mawsuat al-shir al-Arab; from Egypt, Arabic Poems & Lyrics. Online in HTML.

Mega-links site for Arab literature & culture. Caution, this is now a file requiring separate opening or saving, & may conflict with restrictive security settings.

New  Rufoof (it means shelves) is a free iOS app for Arabic e-books. It will work on the iPad (all models), iPhone (versions 3GS and above), & iPod Touch (3rd generation and above). That's provided iOS versions 5.1 or above are installed. The app connects to the Rufoof digital bookstore, which includes 80% (approx. 3,500) free e-books, from a broad range of genres. An Android version is reportedly under development.
Extra features include an ambient sounds option and social sharing. Download the app from the iTunes store at:

Alhemaidy A variety of works in Arabic and English, including poetry and prose, from the site's owner, Dr. Alhemaidy Abdullah. In .rar or zip format - requires software such as WinRAR or Winzip.  Go to the links page at:

Free Argentinian literature Argentinian Digital Library Project - Proyecto Biblioteca Digital Argentina. From Juan Bautista Alberdi to Eduardo Wilde, more than sixty authors are represented here across a wide range of literature in Spanish. Online in HTML, listed by author, title or literary type.

Austrian Literature Online Scanned as images, a huge quantity (more than fifteen thousand items) of Austrian literature is available here online. Books, journals, newspapers, manuscripts, theses and scientific essays, even postcards. Includes material from the eleventh century AD up to the present day.Thanks to more than twenty participating institutions. You may legally print them out too -in fact they facilitate it.




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Free Belarusian e-books at the Belarusian e-Library. Offers Belarusian literature in Belarusian, plus some English, German & other translations.

Free Balkan History e-books
Istorija Balkana
Over 1200 e-books in PDF format, mostly about the history of the Balkans. This site (in Serbo-Croatian) opened in May 2008 and is a free, non-profit library. Registration is required to join the user community.

Free Bangla e-books Online writers' community Sacalayatan has a few literary e-books in PDF versions to read online or download. You will need to have the correct font enabled in your browser.

Bengali Literature online Collection of Poems by the famed Bengali writer & poet Rabindranath Tagore. In English as plain text.

Free Brasilian e-books More than sixty free titles from 26 authors, including José de Alencar, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis and Afonso Henrique da Lima Barreto. All public domain books or with author permission. Available as downloads for offline reading - formats include Word, PDF, RTF and some Palm PDB. Listed by author and title - author biographies are available too.

Biblioteca Virtual do Estudante Brasileiro (de Lingua Portuguesa). Brazilian stories, poetry novels and plays, plus works translated into Portuguese. Select the Text (textos) heading for three reading options: works prepared for Palm OS devices; HTML text for your Web browser; or PDF downloads for the Adobe Reader.

Some free PDF articles on aspects of Brasilian Law, plus legal journals, the Constitution of Brasil, and more. All in Portuguese. Registration required for access.

Free Bulgarian literature LiterNet - Bulgarian poetry and other literary resources available here.

Free Burmese e-books The Online Burma/Myanmar Library. A collection of Burmese (Myanmar) texts, usually as PDFs for the Adobe Reader or in HTML for your Web browser.


Free Catalan Language e-books  Project Gutenberg has nearly fifty works in Catalan, from close to thirty authors. About one third are translations, the rest original texts, under Gutenberg's usual conditions. See also theSpanish entry below for others.

Free Chinese e-books Supplied by the New Threads Chinese Cultural Society, this electronic library is claimed to be the most complete web archive available of Chinese classic texts.

Chinese Classics Pre-Qin philosophers, poetry, prose, biography, novels, commentary & other classical literature. Online in HTML for your Web browser.

Free Colombian e-books There are a few free Colombian e-books available in Spanish from this site, others are for purchase. Note the special collection gathered for the Bicentenario de Colombia 1810-2010: "...editado, en formato digital, libros representativos de Colombia, su historia, pensamiento, arte y costumbres y en su colección se encuentran algunos de los ejemplos más representativos del país en doscientos años de historia." Biografías, ciencias naturales, género epistolar, filosofía, historia, humor, medicina, novela, poesía, política, teatro...Formatted for the Adobe Reader.

Free Croatian e-books
Classics of Croatian Literature. Major Croatian works up to the beginning of the 20th century, mostly online as plain text.

More than one hundred free works by contemporary Croatian writers, to read online.


Free Danish Literature
Archiv for Dansk Litteratur Over seventy traditional Danish authors are represented here, ranging from the children's tales of Hans Christian Andersen to the weighty prose of Søren Kierkegaard.
Available in three formats; as scanned facsimiles, plain text, or printable download; with PDF coming?

Free Dutch Literature
Digitale bibliotheek voor de Nederlansde letteren   Many hundreds of out-of copyright Dutch authors are represented here in original format, some illustrated. Check out the enchantment & wonderful pictures of Baron van Hippelepip (1917) as a children's classic, for example. Includes some modern works, by permission of their authors.


Free Esperanto e-books Stories by Claude Piron, fables by the Brothers Grimm, and more.


 Free Farsi e-books Non-fiction online in HTML across a range of topics.
There is also a Persian e-books newsletter at

Free French e-books

Portal for special collections of the National Library of France. Vous trouverez notamment dans Gallica: une sélection de grands manuscrits littéraires français, de nombreux manuscrits enluminés du Moyen Âge, et beaucoup d'autres documents représentatifs des riches collections de manuscrits occidentaux et orientaux de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Access to over one million items, including over two hundred thousand books, plus images, maps, periodicals, sound recordings etc.

Bibliothèque Universelle (ABU). L'accès libre au texte intégral d'oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Internet depuis 1993. Searchable by author and title. Text word search is also available. Online, in plain text.

Social sciences: many classic and contemporary Francophone social sciences books presented, In Word, PDF and RTF formats. As of July 2010, the seven collections offers 4,208 original works from 1,210 different authors. Thanks to sociology professor Jean-Marie Tremblay, the University of Québec at Chicoutimi, & the Toulouse Academy of France.

A collation of French e-book sites featuring a variety of freely available texts from the public domain. From Balzac to Zola, and Provençal Poetry to French Women Writers.


Free German e-books
This free page of a German e-book store offers a few titles, classics especially, mostly as PDF files. Includes versions of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Don Quixote and Aesop's Fables. Wunderbar!

ngiyaw eBooks. A blast from the past - hard to find German works and authors are featured here, especially by and/or about women. Some classic English and Hungarian books also. Formats available are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), mobiPocket Reader (.prc), MSReader (.lit) and sometimes TomeRaider (.tr), plus HTML for your Web browser. Thanks to "Katalin und Peter".     (WAP site


New  Free Greek e-books

ATHINA - Academy of Athens This useful academic resource provides full text access to some 4,000 scholarly Greek documents. They include biographies, book reviews, lectures, speeches, scientific papers and more. You can search for them by type, year and (where appropriate) issue, but it helps to know just what you're looking for. Of three major digital collections, one consists of documents and publications from 18th and 19th century archives, with a central theme "The Greek Revolution and the Foundation of the Greek State". Then there are interactive resources, plus the Ioannis Sykoutris Digital Library.

Anemi Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies An open-access resource, Anemi includes both old, rarer items, and newer works where permitted by their authors. Please note the conditions of use. Thanks to the University of Crete Library. As with Athina, it helps greatly to know just what you are looking for.

Myriobiblos is the Digital Library of the Church of Greece. A huge resource of texts relating to Greek Christianity may be found here, ranging from actual scriptures, liturgical texts, canon law and spiritual life to church history, philosophy, sociology and much more. Besides the Greek, translations are available in Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Online in HTML, with illustrations.  A Cyprus-specific website that offers a grand mixture: local Cypriot tales and proverbs, an online book (in HTML) about Byzantine Churches and Monasteries, poetry, delightful recipes, photographs, and more.

C. P. Cavafy - The Official Archive Website  For Cavafy fans, here's all his major works of poetry and prose in the original Greek with various English translations, plus other goodies such as previously unpublished archival material and a Cavafy Companion section. Thanks to Spoudasterio Neou Hellenismou - the Centre for Hellenic Studies.


Free Hausa e-books In Hausa and English, from the pen of the late Alhaji Abubakar Imam.
NB: These are very large PDF files for the Adobe reader, more suitable for Broadband than dialup.

Free Hebrew e-books  Project Ben-Yehuda aims to make the public domain classics of
Hebrew literature freely accessible to Hebrew readers, as searchable HTML works. Note the browser requirements indicated in the FAQ.

Free Hungarian e-books Large list of free Magyar elektronikus könyvtárak (Hungarian e-libraries) available at:



Free Indian e-books

Digital Library of India Inaugurated by President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in late 2003, the Digital Library of India now has many thousands of books on the Web. It aims to eventually create a free-to-read, searchable online collection of one million books, predominantly in Indian languages, available to everyone over the Internet.

Hindi Poets Nicely presented online & illustrated, in HTML. Some plain text & a little audio also. NB: to read some poetry you will need to have Hindi fonts installed.

Free Sanskrit e-books The Puranas (64), and Sanskrit Proverbs, are available as downloadable MS Word documents from this site. The Purana file is zipped (requires Winzip or a similar utilty to open)..

Free Urdu e-books  E-books (in plain text, HTML & PDF formats), short stories, poems, articles and other works such as khake. From the late notable Urdu author Awaz Sayeed.

Vinay's Hindi/Urdu Poetry Page Especially, ghazals. Includes an Urdu dictionary and a variety of poetry resource links.

See also the Universal Library entry on our Best Digital Libraries page, for more than 11,000 works in Hindi, over 21,000 Kannada titles, more than 2,700 in Marathi, over 7,700 in Sanskrit, over 4,050 Tamil books, over 50,000 Telugu titles and more than 17,100 in Urdu.


Free Italian e-books

Amolenuvolette. An intellectual-artistic mix. Across the art-science connection come these exceptional titles. Studies include fractal structures in biology, maths and arts; human-machine interfaces; transistor nanoelectronics; art & mixed media, & more. Note the fine graphics too. As very large .pdf files for the broadband-enabled, for your Adobe Reader or similar software; plusa couple of RAR archives.

Biblioteca Digitale della Letteratura Italiana Close to 350 works by 205 authors, spanning the period from the thirteenth century to the present day. Novels, poetry, plays & other texts, both classic & contemporary. Includes some Dante, Boccaccio, St Francis of Assisi, Alessandro Manzoni and many more great names. Extras include audio poems and more than a thousand images.  In PDF format.

Free e-books in Italian. Yes, cost is null, zero, niente. Genres include novels, poetry, classics, plays, biographies, horror & fantasy, & New Economy. In MS Reader format only.

Libri Online Pelagus. Italian classical authors online. Works and biographies of twenty-three authors from Alberti to Verga, including Dante, Boccaccio, Machiavelli and Manzoni.  In HTML for your web browser.

The Manuzio Project, a free Italian online book site. Covering fields from Arte e architettura to viaggiare, including letteratura fantastica, poesia, teatro, and much more.

Ozoz.  Classic texts in Italian, English and Latin. Available as HTML (versione ipertestuale); RTF (ideale per la stampa dei libri); TXT (puro testo): & for download zipped.


Free Japanese e-books

Aozora Bunko. More than 2000 works of copyright-free Japanese literature. Various formats available, including HTML, download zips and Japanese e-book format.

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu An anthology of 100 seventh to thirteenth century classic Japanese poems by 100 different poets, all "waka" ("tanka"), five-line poems of 31 syllables. Available in HTML side by side in Japanese characters, Romaji and English translation.


Free Korean e-books

Digital Encyclopedia of Korean Local Culture From the Academy of Korean Studies.

Kim Mun-gi's Classical Korean literature site. As online HTML and downloadable .hwp files.


Free Multilingual PDF e-books
PDF Search Engine
Of French origin, this new and popular site searches websites, forums, and message boards for pdf book files, by title. Searches are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish and Turkish versions. NB: search is unfettered, so it is the user's responsibility to confirm that books found are of legitimate origin and not pirated.

Free Myanmar (Burmese) e-book
Myanmar Travel Information 2005 eBook (Myanmar is also known as Burma). Free Innwa Myanmar Font (for Windows) also available from this page.


Free Polish e-books
Virtual Library of Polish Literature. Polish literature online, thanks to the University of Gdansk, under UNESCO auspices.

Polska Biblioteka Internetowa Includes classic Polish literature among its collections, and Polish translations of famous works from other nations. In HTML.

Free Portuguese e-books
Virtual Books. PDF downloads of literary titles, both prose and poetry, from a goodly range of authors. Plus, author biographies online. A selection of classic works are also available here in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


Free Romanian literature e-books
Essays, Poetry, Dramas, Translations, Art

Free Russian e-books

Electronic Publications Library. Works from Chekov, Gogol, Pushkin, Tolstoy and other famous
Russian authors. For Reading online in HTML. All in Russian.

Moshkov's Library. Hundreds of free e-books.

Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy Works available in Russian, & sometimes English too. Pioneering site, since 1996. Authors include Vladimir Vasilyev, Sviatoslav Loginov, Vladislav Krapivin & Sergey Lukyanenko. Books as zipped files for download, or online in HTML.


Free Scottish and Glaswegian e-books From the Glasgow Digital Library (GDL). Currently five books about Scotland and six about Glasgow, available online in plain text at:

Dictionary of the Scots Language Comprises searchable electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST -covers Scots words in use from the twelfth to the end of the seventeenth centuries) and the Scottish National Dictionary (SND - for the period since).

Free Serbian e-books Projekat Rastko. Biblioteka srpske kulture. The most popular e-library in Serbia and Montenegro. In addition, some Serbian literature is offered in other languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Slovenian, Russian, & Ukrainian.

Free Slovenian e-books Slovenian texts - copyright-free classic Slovenian literature, with a few
authorised modern items. Fiction, poetry, a few plays, and other works. Available to read online, in HTML..


Free Spanish e-books
Free literary unpublished texts, especially in Spanish and Catalan. Some are works in progress. In Microsoft Reader format.

Selecció de Poesia Catalana (Catalan Poetry Selection). 176 authors and 799 original poems are available here (with 37 poems translated into English). Colourfully presented online in HTML

Libros Tauro From Argentina. Offers more than 11,300 free books in Spanish. As .rar archives (open with WinRar), or as mega downloads (the latter are suitable for highest grade broadband only).


Free Turkish e-books
Türk Öyküleri Sandig (= Oral Narratives). From Texas Tech University, popular Turkish tales and other literature, in both Turkish and English versions. Download as PDFs for the Adobe Reader (version 5.0 and above). NB: for reading, study, or citation only - these works are not in the public domain, and any reproduction must be by express permission.

New  Yemek Tarifleri   A Turkish delight. Not content with great kitchen-tested recipes, high quality video-recipes, healthy meals, menus for special occasions & general cooking tips, this Turkish-language site even provides health and beauty tips as well. But can you tear your eyes away from the food?


Free Ukrainian e-books  The Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature. Classic texts of Ukrainian prose. Available in both HTML and PDF formats.Thanks to Prof. Maxim Tarnawsky at the University of Toronto, Canada, various Ukrainian publishers and other supporters.

Free USA e-books. USA Today's Open Book program. Presented as a separate section on the newspaper's website, Open Book runs original stories from well-known novelists and offers them free to all visitors.


Dictionary of the Welsh Language (subject to further corrections) The First edition is available as large PDF files, suitable for broadband download. You may search this on your own computer using Adobe Reader 5 and above. It is hoped that a concise interactive version of the Dictionary will soon be available on the Web. NB: A second edition is a work in progress.

Free Welsh e-books Llyfrgell Owen - Library of Welsh Language Texts. Works are presented In plain text format. This fledging site lacks funding and welcomes volunteers to enlarge it. Apêl yw hon felly am gydweithwyr, cyfranogwyr a chyfranwyr.


Refoyl's Yiddish resources Veb-bletl (Yiddish & Hebrew Texts). More than fifty Yiddish texts from around the world, variously in HTML, plain text, as PDFs or as image GIFs. Includes a searchable Yiddish dictionary and even a song database, plus numerous other Yiddish resources:






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